We will have a playday this weekend at Eddieville MotoSports park September 16th and 17th.

We will not be prepping the track.  We are in the process of planting wheat, so all hands are out at Starvation Ridge.

The cost to ride is $20.00 per rider.  8:30 – 4:30.

24 Hour news:

I will extend the deadline for free shirts until Sunday.  If using the U.S. mail, you must have your entries postmarked by Sunday the 17th.  You can also Pay Pal the money to [email protected] by the 17th and send me your entry via e-mail.  Send any entries to me, NOT SCOTT, at [email protected].

Here is the new Entry form that has the Air Cooled challenge on it.  The Air Cooled Challenge is a new class this year.

The bike must be Air Cooled!  Only one bike per team.  You can replace all but the frame when doing repairs.  You can have up to 6 riders on a team.  Any age, any rider ability, any size bike. Below is the link to the new entry form with the Air Cooled Challenge.

24Hour race Entry form 2023 New with Air Cooled Challange

I have added a separate form for the First Responder Class.

Up to 6 riders on 6 bikes.  1 bike per rider.  If you break a bike, team members can ride another team member’s bike.   You cannot add an additional bike. Any size bike, any age, any rider ability.

All team members must be a First Responder (Active or Retired) Riders must have proof of service.

All money from entries from this class will be divided up between the First responder’s teams for their use towards equipment, fund raiser or charity of their choice.

We will also be hosting a raffle that will be put in this First responder fund. So bring your raffle items!  It can be just about anything!  Bike parts, gear, wine, food etc.

24Hour race Entry form first responder 2023

For the women’s classes, your ID must match your gender.

Also a big reminder that in all classes except for the Iron people classes and the Air Cooled Challange there is only one bike per rider.  If you break your bike, you can ride one of your team members bikes, but you cannot add an additional bike.

Get your entries in by Sunday if you want the free t-shirts.




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