Thanks to folks that have stepped up to help we are going to be able to hold the 6 Hour Team Race at Starvation Ridge on Saturday, September 9th, 2023. The race starts at 4:pm and ends at 10: pm. This is a great race to try out your lights for the 24 Hour.

You can pre-register by sending me the following information:

What class are you riding in?
How many on your team?
Do you have one of our transponders on an armband or in your helmet?
If you do not have a transponder, we will burn one for you. The cost is $5.00 and it is yours to keep. It is good at any OTBG event. I can change the number if you change classes.

Classes available are:
Open Expert
Open Amateur
Club (Any size bike, any age, any rider ability. Must be a member of a recognized motorcycle club.)
Junior A (15 and under. No bikes bigger than a 150 4 stroke or a 112 2 stroke)
Youth (17 & Under. Any size bike, No experts)
Beginner (Any size bike, any age. Must be a beginning rider)
Adventure Bike (650cc or larger)
Air Cooled (Must be air cooled, no radiators)
Iron woman
Rusty Iron (50+)
Iron youth (15 and under. Any size bike)

The pre-registration price per Team member is $45.00. After Thursday night $50.00. The pre-registration price for Ironman race entries are $55.00. After Thursday night $60.00.
Gate fee is $10.00 per person and Camping is $10.00 per vehicle.
We take cash, checks and PayPal.

If you have any questions, call Scott at 541-980-7971 or Debbie at 509-261-0308.


Over The Bars Gang