6 Hour Team – Endurance Race at Eddieville Sunday, March 8th.

Sunday is our 6 Hour Team Race at Eddieville. The classes offered are: AA, Open Expert, 30+Expert, 40+ Expert, Open Amateur, 30+ Amateur, 40+ Amateur,50+, 60+, Sportsman, Women, Youth, Junior, Club, Beginner, Aircooled, Adventure Bike, Ironman, Ironwoman& Iron Youth.

AA/ Expert/ Amateur teams can have up to 6 riders. 1 bike per rider. Team mates can  swap bikes with their team members but cannot add another bike.

Youth class:  17 and under.  Any sized bike.  Amateurs only.

Junior class:  15 and under.  No bikes bigger than a 150 4 stroke or a 112 2 stroke.

Sportsman class:  Any sized bike, Any age, any rider ability.

Club class:  Any sized bike, Any age, any rider ability.  Each rider must be a part of a recognized motorcycle club.  Must display a Club banner in pit.

Air Cooled class:  Any sizded bike, any age, any rider ability.  Must be air cooled, no radiators.

Adventure bike class:  650’cc or bigger

Prices:  $10.00 gate fee – 8 and under are free.  Team members – $40.00.  Ironman, Ironwoman and Iron Youth $50.00.

Please pre-enter if possible.  You can pay us at the track, with a check, cash or we accept Pay Pal.    I will have a pre-registered window for all that pre enters so you dont have to wait in line. Call or text me at 509-261-0308 or e-mail me at [email protected]  If riding with a team I need to know what the Teams name is, What class and how many on the team.  I will then assign you a team number.

If riding as an Iron person I need to know which class, Your name and if you have a number on your bike.  If not I will assign you a number.

There will be a $20.00 deposit required for the transponders.  When I get my transponder back we will refund your deposit.  The track is looking very good.  Scott says there should be some perfect dirt.  It will be dry.  We actually could stand to have a little rain.

If you have any questions please call Scott 541-980-7971 or Debbie 509-261-0308