The 6 Hour Eddieville Team Race is Sunday November10, 2019 . MX Playday November 9th.  Cost is $20.00

Race course will include miles of sod surfing through the wheat stubble, 1/2 mile flat track, our logs section, wind whoops, part of last weekends anniversary course. Of course we will run the MX track as well as anything that crosses my mind.                                            The race starts at 10am and the checkered flag is thrown at 4pm. Individual Team entries are $40.00, Ironman/woman/youth Is $50.00.  There is a $10.00 gate fee.  8 and under is free.

Classes: AA, OPEN EXPERT, 30+ EXPERT, 40+ EXPERT, OPEN AMATEUR , 30+ AMATEUR, 40+ AMATEUR, 50+, 60+ , WOMEN, YOUTH, CLUB, SPORTSMAN, AIRCOOLED, IRON MAN, IRON WOMAN  AND  IRON YOUTH.                                Please contact me to pre- register.  It will be much faster.  You can pay at the race.  I will have your transponders at the pre registered window.   I need to know your name and what class you will be riding in.  If a team how many riders and do you need  our yellow stickers with your team number on it?  I will assign you a Team number.  If you are riding in one of the Iron person classes you can use the number on your bike but you must have the class designator as well.                                                                                                   You can text, call or e-mail me at [email protected] or 509-261-0308                        Thanks,                                                                                                                                    Debbie