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Posted By admin On Oct 13, 2016
24 hr update: Still room available for those waiting out the forecast. First lap will be LOTS of new unrode terrain. BE SURE AND SEND OUT YOUR BEST SIGHT READER! This is NOT SOME 30 YEAR-OLD TRAIL SYSTEM RACE COURSE! First lap riders will have to think about where they are going and what's in front of the good ol days. There will NOT be a well-worn beaten path to follow. Dirt is perfect at the moment. 3 LOOPS, lots of stubble disced up, maybe not so much rocks this year.First loop.....or maybe last loop, is 5.7 miles in length. Trying to stay off standard course as much as possible. Just a few short pieces to connect new sections. Still haven't figured out a start yet. There is no open ground close to the pits,.....have to get creative , I guess. We have teams looking for bodies, 60+ , junior ( minis) , 50+ , and 40ish amateur.
Posted By admin On Aug 29, 2016
Over The Bars Gang 24 Hour Starvation Ridge Team Race Update
October 29th & 30th 2016
The deadline for free t-shirts is September 1st. Make sure that your entries are post marked by the 1st. Prices for the 24 Hour Starvation Ridge Team Race are:
24 hr pre entry - Ironman/woman - $90.00. Team entry - $350.00
24 Hr post entry - Ironman/woman - $130.00. Team entry - $450.00
Gate fee $10.00 per person. 8 & under free.
Entries are at in the forms section.
Posted By admin On Aug 15, 2016
Just a Reminder. Time is getting short for the free t-shirts for the 24 Hour.
The pre- entry deadline is September 1, 2016 On September 16th the price goes up also for all entries.

When you submit your entry let me know if there is a team that you want to pit next to. There is a better chance of that happening if I know a head of time.
Make sure that you let me know t-shirt sizes and if you want a belt with the transponder in it or a bare transponder.

Posted By admin On Aug 01, 2016
The Entry Form for the 2016 24 Hour Starvation Ridge Team Race is up in the Entry Forms section.

Please note: The Deadline for free t-shirts for your team is September 1st, 2016
The pre-entry price ends September 15th, 2016. Get your entries in now.
Posted By admin On Apr 28, 2015
Entry forms for the 6 & 12 Hour Team Races are in the Results section.
People pre entering do not have to stand in line. (come to the front) You do not have to pre pay for the 6 and 12 Hr races. Pay at the race.
Posted By admin On Jan 03, 2012
Schedule For Over The Bars Gang events. subject to change.

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