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Welcome to the 2014, 24 Hours of Starvation Ridge Team Race. We have worked hard to make this the premier event in the Northwest. We could not do this race without the racers. We recognize the effort and planning that you put into this event. This race has become something that many teams plan and train for all year. There are many teams that are comprised of family members and many of the team members are Youth riders. We believe in providing a challenging atmosphere for all ages. Thank you for being a part of our 24 HOURS OF STARVATION RIDGE.

NEW FOR 2014
There will be no deliberate interference of an another team out on the course by other racers or support staff. Anyone doing so will be asked to leave and their team docked a lap.

Transponders will be exchanged in your pit. THERE WILL BE NO RUNNING THE TRANSPONDER TO A WAITING RIDER.

The first 10 pits on the North side are short pits. The boundary of those pits is the road. Over flow parking will be in the field to the North. There will be no parking in the Vender area.

There will be no vehicles or bikes parked in the fire lanes.

Pits are reserved for the teams. The area on the other side of the fire lines is first come first served. We expect everyone to behave in a civilized manner when putting up your pits. It is tight. Please work with your neighbor.

We require that you have a helmet on any time you are on your bike. There is no pit riding. Unfortunately there is no place for children to ride during this race. We use the entire property.


There will be no vehicles or bikes parked in the Fire Lanes. Any vehicles will be towed. Any excess vehicles must be parked in the field to the North. There is no driving through the pits after the race has started!!

There is no riding unless it is your turn for your team. We recommend that you carry a cell phone in case you break down. We will provide recovery numbers. There is no riding out and helping your team mates. You must contact an OTBG staff. Any escort rider must be approved by Scott or Debbie. You must check in with Debbie and we will give you a vest that indicates that you are an Escort rider.

Sign-up/pit designation will be at the big trailer. The entry trailer will also have the pit designations. The pits have a pit sign with your team number on it on pit row. You cannot switch pits with another team. Waiver forms must be signed by all team members to get your bag of goodies. In each bag will be your transponder belt, shirts if you pre-registered and candy (maybe). If you need to switch shirt sizes you can do that at Eddie’s kitchen to the North of the sign up trailer as long as we have shirts in stock. There is also other OTBG merchandise for sale. If you did not have your team numbers pre-made we will issue you our famous temporary yellow number stickers

Do not leave your garbage on the ground!!! The coyotes and wind will scatter it. We will have a garbage trailer available, but would really appreciate it if you hauled out your own.

We have spent weeks working on this year’s course. There are 3 loops. We have successfully used three loops since 2004. Using the loops lengthens the course out to make it safer and more interesting, provides pit people with more viewing ops and makes it easier to keep tabs on riders. We will be going through the farmhouse and barn again. Be sure to DUCK when you go into the barn.

Be careful of the thorns in Grayson’s Briar patch. When you get to the Pumpkin Patch be careful that you don’t pick any pumpkins. We will also be running Scott’s Rock Garden. The race will not be won there, but it can be lost. Take the time to pick a smooth line through it. Keep in mind that you can use the entire space between the stakes.

You must run through the DITCH! If there is a bottleneck, you can go up and around, but must immediately go back into the ditch. Be wary of a pile of rocks halfway through the ditch.

Remember that the berms of the ponds look like jumps. There is probably water on the other side. Jump if you must, we will happily pull you out after suitable pictures are taken. We also have a lifejacket that must be autographed by all that take the plunge.

GRASS TRACK Do not go outside the mowed path. We frequently use natural obstacles to mark corners. Big rocks, fence posts, barrels, gullies, barb wire piles, are all used to mark boundaries. We had one rider break his back when he was off the marked path and hit a big rock at speed. Don’t risk your life and safety cutting the course. Not to mention we will DQ the whole team if we catch someone cheating.

Weather permitting; we will have a fire obstacle.

There are mileposts on the course. Please refer to them when letting us know about downed riders, cheaters, or just really cool sections.
YOU CANNOT RIDE YOUR BIKE INTO THE PITS FROM LOOP 1 OR 2 WITHOUT LOSING A LAP! You can leave your bike and run in for parts/help, run back/fix the problem and continue with no penalty. If the bike comes into the pits from loop 1 or 2, you lose that lap. If a bike breaks down on the course, OTBG personnel must direct retrieval. The lap the bike is on will not be counted, regardless of completing 1 or 15 miles of that lap. You can run the transponder in to your team with the loss of that lap to get your team going. You can then, with the help of OTBG staff, retrieve your bike. Be sure to let the home check know what you are doing so we don’t penalize you when we look at lap times. Our software has features that allow us to look at suspect lap times. Abnormal lap times may be thrown out. Remember that any time you do not complete the entire lap you will lose that lap!

Any course cutting will result in the entire team being disqualified and stopped from participating at that point. The course cutter can explain to his teammates what he has done to his team. We have spent too much time trying to make the course fun and safe to have people creating their own course. Course cutters will be told to not return! We will not tolerate them.

Stay on the track!! There are rocks, ditches, barbed wire and fences everywhere out there. Our most serious injuries have been when the rider was off course. There are also water bars, tank traps, silt fence and nylon rope mixed with the ribbon to encourage riders to stay on course. We have painted rocks that we haven’t moved to let you know they are there. By no means have we painted all of them. Stay out of the tall grass. There are ditches, big rocks, farm machinery, deer, etc. hiding in there.

Entry into the pits is by the sign up trailer after you have gone through the check. Make certain that your team number appears on the display board before you proceed to the pits. If your team number does not show on the display your lap has not been counted. The staff in the trailer will assist you in getting your transponder to register or enter you manually. Speed limit is 5 mph in the pits and at the checks. This will be strictly enforced. You can be held for up to 5 minutes for speeding, by our pit marshals.

Do not lose your transponder. This is your baton that you pass off when you switch riders.
IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR TRANSPONDER AT THE CHECK, THE LAP DOES NOT COUNT!! You will not be manually entered until we see the transponder.

Do not place metal objects next to the transponder. Metal weakens the signal. The transponder must be horizontal and point at the reader to read properly. We will have the antenna reading before the race to test your set-up by going through the home check. Transfer of the transponders will be at your pits. There will be no running the transponder to a waiting rider.

If you find a transponder belt on the course or finish early bring it to one of the east facing windows in the sign up trailer.
We do not want it to record the transponder and make the displayed positions off.

We will follow OMRA rules where applicable. In the event of a dispute, OTBG will consult and Scott will make the final decision. Anything goes in the pit area as far as help or repairs.

No riding backwards on the course, alongside the course or into/in the pits. You can run in backwards to exchange the transponders; you can leave the bike and run backwards into the pits if you forgot something. No riding against traffic in the pits. There will be no spectators allowed on the track on motorcycles or Rhino’s. Walking is OK as long as you stay off the track. If you need to retrieve a bike contact one of the OTBG staff.

There will be no car traffic allowed on pit row after the race starts. There is extra parking in the field to the North along the road for all over flow parking and support rigs.

If you see someone cutting the course or a cheater line, let us know so we can catch or stop them. There will be sweep riders on the course the entire 24 hours. They will render assistance and contact the medics if needed. This is a 24 Hour race. Don’t block faster riders or slam dunk slower rider. There should be ample passing opportunities. We expect that all riders behave in a sportsman like manner. We will not tolerate overly aggressive behavior on the track.

At the end of the race we will record you as you come through the check and take your transponders. Please turn in your transponder belts at one of the East windows in the sign up trailer if you finish early. DO NOT BRING IT CLOSE TO THE HOME CHECK ANNTENNA!
Please do not take the pit signs. We know who you are!!

Image by You will be photographing the event. You can view the photos of the race at their trailer which will be located up by the sign up trailer through out the race.

The ROAD HOUSE 97 VENDER will be open all night for coffee, breakfast and goodies.

We will have an EMT on hand for major injuries and to look at your little owies.

All dogs must be kept on a leash during the race. Please clean up after them.

We expect that all participants and spectators will behave in a sportsman-like manner. We will not tolerate drunken or lewd behavior. Entire teams have been banned from future OTBG events for inappropriate behavior.

We would welcome any suggestions to put on a better event.