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Posted By Scott On Jan 08, 2018
No UTV or rallycross races up yet. 2 GP, 3 XC/hare scrambles, 4 flattrack, 5 endurance team/Ironman races. 24hrs of Starvation Ridge is moved back to October 27 & 28.
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Posted By admin On Apr 28, 2015
Entry forms for the 6 & 12 Hour Team Races are in the Results section.
People pre entering do not have to stand in line. (come to the front) You do not have to pre pay for the 6 and 12 Hr races. Pay at the race.
Posted By Scott On Apr 17, 2015
Planning a 2 day UTV event for Eddieville. Maybe this fall, maybe spring of next year. More below.
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Posted By admin On Mar 09, 2015
Information for the NMA races at Eddieville and Starvation Ridge. We will be adding the Junior X class to the short course. 15 and under, up to 112cc 2-stroke and 150 four stroke
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Posted By admin On Mar 03, 2015
Posted By trailtech On Sep 21, 2012
It is time for the 24 hour of Starvation Ridge. Are lights and electrical systems ready?
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Posted By Scott On Feb 13, 2012
RockyMountain ATV/MC $10 gift certificates for ALL OTBG event participants. Races AND Playdays!!
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Posted By admin On Apr 23, 2011
Web Camera is working at Eddieville.
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Posted By Joe On Oct 21, 2010
The 24 hour race at Starvation Ridge is coming up on October 30-31. Held in Goldendale WA, this annual seat of the pants experience promises to challenge and excite riders of all skill levels.

This year, the Over the Bars Gang (holders of the race) have prepared a 3 loop course, again running through the farm house and barn, as well as the briar patch and Scott's rock garden. Read more about the course at Get your entry form here.

Trail Tech will be at the race for rider support. Be advised, you should make sure your electrical and lighting systems are working well before showing up at the race. Now would be a good time to make sure. We will be there to provide minor technical support.

Race Support
Trail Tech will be available for lighting support at the event between the hours of 2pm and 2am.

During this time, technical staff support will be able to assist riders with a variety of issues relating to their lighting.

Technical staff will not be able to do the following at the race:

Install or replace stator systems or flywheels
Perform extensive rewiring to correct installation errors
Provide loaner batteries or charging service during the event

If you are preparing for this race, we strongly recommend you do the following as soon as possible:

Completely analyze your needs with respect to motorcycle electrical system, helmet lights, etc.
Perform a complete test for all items you already own. This is particularly important with helmet lights and battery packs.
Perform a complete test of any items you purchase for the race. This is particularly important with battery packs or vehicle batteries.
For testing motorcycle batteries, it is important to test the charging system thoroughly to make sure the battery is correctly charging.
For helmet light battery packs, we recommend you charge and discharge the packs at least once before going to the race.
Pack discharge should be done in as close an approximation to the riding conditions as possible.

If you need something from Trail Tech, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can ensure your needs are met well in advance of the event.

TrailTech Link

Posted By Joe On Jan 30, 2010
Our insurance requires that you wear a helmet at all times when on an ORV.
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