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Posted By admin On Oct 24, 2015
Posted By Scott On Aug 25, 2015
Winter has hit at Eddieville. Snow yesterday. freezing temps, and freezing fog forecast for the weekend make for terrible riding conditions. Forecast is for lows in the low 20' s overnight with highs of 36 with fog AND freezing fog. No BUENO!! Ground gets frozen hard, than develops a layer of slime on top. Thanksgiving looks like more of the same......hoping for a change in weather pattern. Scott
Posted By admin On May 18, 2015
First thing.... NO FIRES!...NONE!...NADA!..NO WAY! County is still under FIRE BAN. NO open flames ! Finished course layout Sunday before rain started. 100 yards left to ribbon/mark up. Course Is a tad shorter than last year since we plan on watering much of it, starting Wednesday. Lots of high speed, yet lots of NEW rock sections, some new technical bits. Disced many miles of course out in the stubble, with 10 or 12 splits. Mowed several miles of grass track, added a new, steeper downhill! We will run Forster's forest along the big pond next to the pits. I couldn't resist, so we are running along & through many of the dry...or ALMOST DRY ponds. Choose your lines wisely ! Course is three loops. First loop is marked in Yellow ribbon. Second loop is marked in White ribbon. Third loop is marked in Orange ribbon. Hoping the different colored loops will help riders identify where they are when needed. Blue/white barrels will mark the inside of tight corners as well as the start of a split...yet to be placed and filled. Fiberglass reinforced Yellow ribbon( virtually unbreakable) will be put in sensitive "cheater areas" to keep the semi-honest riders semi-honest. Start is planned out thanks to input from Battery Stuff's Steve Degeyter. Not quite what he suggested, but close. Thanks Steve. We will be running the Briar Patch and the thorns are long this year.( 1"+). Water hole for mud puppies ( with a longer bypass) has been smoothed & dug out. Will be filled Wednesday/Thursday so the water has a chance to soak in. I actually found a wet spot close to the farmhouse that WILL become a mudhole. It is from a broken pipe that brought water to the farmhouse from the ponds to the west. There is a dry line above and left of the wet spot. But I'm quite sure that it will be used until it is a quagmire and people get stuck......YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! ( We will put up a " MUDHOLE" sign that I'm sure will be ignored.......for awhile.) Mile markers will be going out Thursday/Friday. Mowed the pits, still have a little mowing to do around the camping area. The new trophies are on the way. Should have the giveaways for the Endurance series giveaways Wednesday. Best raffle odds ever. Endurance series riders get a ticket at signup for drawing of cool prizes. So far this year we have given out multiple Sets of Traitech lights, helmet lights, tools, parts washer, full size bike lift stand. Must be an endurance series participant to enter. $20 Endurance series entry is the best raffle odds ever! For the 25hr we are giving away a 3,100 psi pressure washer, 2,100 psi pressure washer, 1,200 psi pressure washer ( see a pattern here? Have pressure washer....no mud!), plus other goodies. WHO DOES THAT??????.........OTBG! For Information:
Scott - 541-980-7971 Debbie - 509-261-030
Shedd,Or. 6 hrTeam/Ironman race. Starts 4pm, ends 10pm. Scored by OTBG using our transponder system. Rnd 3 of the OTBG Endurance series. Mag 7 GP earlier, OMRA GP Sunday .
Posted By Scott On May 12, 2015
Three day rate $40/rider, family rates also. 2 person Bouncing Bra team race 1:00 Sunday. Classes are serious, semi-serious, family, kids. Playday fee covers race entry. We've been busy with huge changes on the MX track while weather permits. New jumps on the uphill/ downhill, lengthened tabletops, widened track,technical bits added here & there. Water system is up and going, between the rain & watering, track should be primo. Weather calls for chance of showers all weekend, should help keep track moist.
Posted By admin On Apr 28, 2015
Entry forms for the 6 & 12 Hour Team Races are in the Results section.
People pre entering do not have to stand in line. (come to the front) You do not have to pre pay for the 6 and 12 Hr races. Pay at the race.
Posted By Scott On Apr 21, 2015
Starvation Ridge May 30/31 .XC on Saturday, GP on Sunday. Abundant rains mid May should settle & bind the dust & Silt we had in early May. Course length will be in the 11-12 mile range with direction & section changes between Saturday & Sunday.
Posted By Scott On Apr 17, 2015
Planning a 2 day UTV event for Eddieville. Maybe this fall, maybe spring of next year. More below.
Read more about Eddieville RZR Rodeo ( ALL UTV's)
Posted By admin On Mar 09, 2015
Information for the NMA races at Eddieville and Starvation Ridge. We will be adding the Junior X class to the short course. 15 and under, up to 112cc 2-stroke and 150 four stroke
Read more about NMA Race Information
Posted By admin On Mar 03, 2015
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