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Posted By admin On Apr 09, 2014
XC - Saturday Race Schedule
All race times are approximate. Riders meeting is mandatory.
8:30am - Riders meeting
9:00am - 50R, 50Y, 60Q, 70P, Women, Beginners, Sportsman & Junior X's. 1 1/2 Hrs + 1 lap.
11:00am - AA, Open Ex, Open Am, 30U, 30D, 40V, 40F, 200Z &200E

GP Sunday Race Scheule
All race times are approximate. Riders meeting is mandatory.
9:30am - Riders meeting
10:00am - Junior A's, B's & C's.
11:00am - 30D, 40F, 50R, 50Y 60Q, 70P, Women, Beginners, Sportsman & Junior X's.
1:00pm - AA, Open Ex, Open Am, 30U, 40V, 200Z & 200E

I will do early sign up for the XC on Friday afternoon. Bring your helmets to sign up. I am working on some armbands with the transponder on them for those of you that have metallic helmets.

Posted By admin On Mar 27, 2014
Starvation Ridge XC April 12th and Starvation Ridge gp April 13 are looking to run under excellent conditions. Good moisture, but not too much, modest winds, temps in the 60's.
Posted By admin On Mar 24, 2014
Race results for the March 23rd, 2014 6 Hour team race are in the results section.
Big bike results for the Eddieville spring opener XC/GP are up. Look in results or at http://overthebarsgang.com/index.php?module=Downloads Saturday's short course is uncorrected. The 30 second laps don't count.
Posted By Scott On Mar 11, 2014
The 6hr has been moved to March 23rd due to snow/freezing rain & sleet. MX playday on March 22.
Posted By admin On Feb 13, 2014
2014 Schedule

Read more about 2014 Over The Bars Gang Schedule
The 1st round of the NMA offroad series will NOT run as scheduled March 9. the MX playday will NOT be open March 8. Rescheduled for April 26th Click for full info.
Read more about Eddieville MX playday and round #1 of the NMA offroad series is CANCELLED for March 8&9th. Rescheduled for April 26th.
Posted By admin On Nov 11, 2013
Wind is blowing hard, ground is drying fast. If the forecast doesn't change we should be good. I like the NOAA forecast. http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?CityName=Centerville&state=WA&site=PDT&textField1=45.7533&textField2=-120.904& 50% chance of SHOWERS ( not 50% chance of rain) on Sunday. And the rain prediction has been going down. Unless weather changes drasticly we will run both days. I'll report again Friday.
Posted By admin On Nov 06, 2013
6 Hour Team Race At Eddieville 11/10/2013

Race starts at 10:00am on Sunday
Read more about 6 Hour Bike Race November 10th 2013
Posted By admin On Oct 30, 2013
Results are up in http://www.overthebarsgang.com/index.php?module=Downloads&func=display&lid=176
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