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Posted By admin On May 19, 2014
Almost set for this weekend's GP. Changing up the GP and adding lots of new grass track. 40% chance of rain Wednesday, a little watering Saturday, and we should have excellent conditions. We have set-out tires on the flat track to push riders in on the front straight, and to the outside on turn 1&2 to force riders out into the grassy areas. Trying to keep it fresh, we are changing up over half of the GP course. MX playday 8:30am to 4:30pm on Saturday. $20 for the MX playday with a $10 Rocky Mountain gift card in return....$10 net cost!! Sunday is $10 gate fee for 8 and above, Jr A,B,C's at $25, all other classes at $35. Race times are 10:00am for Junior A,B, & C. A&B race together, C's race on their own track at the same time. 30+am, 40+am,50+, 60+, 70+, women, Beginners, sportsman, Jr. X. race at 11:00am AA,open expert, 200 expert, 30+expert, 40+expert, open amatuer and 200 amatuer race at 1:00PM Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend! Scott
Posted By admin On May 19, 2014
Results for the May 5th, 2014 6 Hour Quad Team race are up in the results section.
Posted By admin On Apr 29, 2014
Looking at laying out the course for the 6hr ATV this weekend . Planning on MX track(normal direction), down through the pits to the flat track and around the flat track. Up the hill and down around the MX track and out onto the GP course. Going to utilize some grass track, try to come up with some ATV single track. Down and around the logs( not over them) across the berm of the deep pond and back up to the check at the single wide trailer. Should be around 8 to 10 miles.
Posted By admin On Apr 22, 2014
Due to many requests, we will be open Saturday, May 10th. Conditions look to be good with a slight chance of showers and highs around 60. winds 8 to 14 mph .should be good times.
Posted By admin On Apr 09, 2014
XC - Saturday Race Schedule
All race times are approximate. Riders meeting is mandatory.
8:30am - Riders meeting
9:00am - 50R, 50Y, 60Q, 70P, Women, Beginners, Sportsman & Junior X's. 1 1/2 Hrs + 1 lap.
11:00am - AA, Open Ex, Open Am, 30U, 30D, 40V, 40F, 200Z &200E

GP Sunday Race Scheule
All race times are approximate. Riders meeting is mandatory.
9:30am - Riders meeting
10:00am - Junior A's, B's & C's.
11:00am - 30D, 40F, 50R, 50Y 60Q, 70P, Women, Beginners, Sportsman & Junior X's.
1:00pm - AA, Open Ex, Open Am, 30U, 40V, 200Z & 200E

I will do early sign up for the XC on Friday afternoon. Bring your helmets to sign up. I am working on some armbands with the transponder on them for those of you that have metallic helmets.

Posted By admin On Mar 27, 2014
Starvation Ridge XC April 12th and Starvation Ridge gp April 13 are looking to run under excellent conditions. Good moisture, but not too much, modest winds, temps in the 60's.
Posted By admin On Mar 24, 2014
Race results for the March 23rd, 2014 6 Hour team race are in the results section.
Big bike results for the Eddieville spring opener XC/GP are up. Look in results or at http://overthebarsgang.com/index.php?module=Downloads Saturday's short course is uncorrected. The 30 second laps don't count.
Posted By Scott On Mar 11, 2014
The 6hr has been moved to March 23rd due to snow/freezing rain & sleet. MX playday on March 22.
Posted By admin On Feb 13, 2014
2014 Schedule

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